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Hi!!! So glad that you've found me and have been having a nosey around my site. 

Well, what can I tell you about myself without boring you to tears? I'm married to my best friend and we have a young daughter. We live in Belper (Derbyshire) with our crazy female Weimaraner  (if you like dogs then you'll know what I mean) and I own my horse, who is now unfortunately quite elderly but she's still enjoying life.  

I've been a full-time photographer for the past 10 years or so -  You name it and I've probably photographed it! I started out as an Equine sports photographer, mainly covering cross country during three day events and the show jumping at County shows. My interest in wedding photography began when I was searching for my own wedding photographer when I got married 7 years ago. My husband is also self employed and he had done some work for another Derbyshire-based wedding photographer, so we got in contact with him to ask him to photograph our wedding. With us both being photographers we instantly clicked, and I soon started shooting weddings with him a few months before my own wedding day. It was actually weird on my wedding not being able to assist him! I worked for Chris for a few years and sadly he decided to retire - he had been saying it for years and kept putting it off, but eventually he decided that he no longer wanted to continue working. I can't blame him, as he'd been a photographic officer in the Navy and had been photographing weddings for over 50 years! So the last wedding we did together was not long after my daughter was born in 2013. 

Once my daughter was born, I had some maternity leave and decided that I would love to go out into the scary world of being self employed - and i've been loving it ever since! I started off offering Child and Family Portraits outdoors and to be honest I was in complete denial over my love of wedding photography. But slowly I got asked more and more to photograph weddings for people I knew, and photographers I know kept asking me to help them photograph the weddings they had booked in, and so the wedding bug slowly crept back in!

I find photographing weddings so addictive. You are literally on such a high all day. Weddings are full of so much happiness and love and good vibes, everyone there is in an amazing mood all day, and as a wedding photographer you just feed off of all that positive energy. If i've ever photographed your wedding or been to a wedding I've covered then you've  probably seen me during the ceremony grinning like a cheshire cat  - I can't help it!   

My wedding photography style is quite laid back and natural. I like to mix it up with a combination of more posed/formal shots and also candid photography. Wedding days always seem to fly by so quickly, so I always work with a second photographer to try and make sure that we cover all the aspects of your day.  I love natural light and will use it if possible, but sometimes due to the venue or the weather then we occasionally have to use flash and other light sources.  

I love to meet all of my prospective wedding clients  before you book me as it gives us chance to meet one another and you can ask me any questions you may have in person. You spend such a long time with your photographer on your wedding day, that it's important that you like me and vice versa.  

So please, keep having a look around my site and if you like what you see then please contact me so that we can have a chat in person. 

I look forward to hearing from you!

Christina x 


 Christina Michelle Photography

Christina Michelle Photography




Christina Michelle Photography is a multi award-winning portrait and wedding photographer in Belper, who specialises in weddings and outdoor family and child portrait photography.

Situated in Belper (Derbyshire), Christina is originally from Nottingham and easily based for customers in the East Midlands.