Privacy Policy

We are all entitled to our privacy and should be allowed to know what personal data of ours is collected and what it is used for.

I absolutely HATE phones calls from people trying to sell me something, junk mail and spam emails, so I wanted to tell you exactly how I manage and deal with your personal data.

Filling out my contact form

When filling out my contact form, a record of your details is held by me until your query is resolved.  I operate a no-spam/no-junk policy. If you contact me then you shall get a reply to your initial inquiry and maybe a follow up inquiry, as occasionally emails get accidentally sent to clients junk mail folders and I would not want you to think that I have ignored you!  You will not receive any marketing emails from me.

My business address is: 5 Stanton Avenue, Belper, Derbyshire. DE56 1EE. 07921846068/01773820859

All of my clients details and information is kept completely confidential. I do not sell or pass on any information to any third parties unless you ask me too (for example, I can recommend florists, makeup artists etc and will pass your details on to them should you ask me to).  I may also provide your information to couriers should they need your email/telephone number to forward you the tracking information for any deliveries I may be sending to you. I will always ask your beforehand if it is ok for me to pass your details on for this purpose.  The only exception to this is if I need to pass your details on for a court order of law or any legal purposes/requirements.

Should you wish for your contact information to be deleted by myself then please let me know at any time.

How I collect data

I use Google Analytics to monitor my website. Google Analytics can tell me a variety of things, such as how my website is found by my clients (google search, Facebook etc) and it also tells me which pages are the most popular on my website. This helps me know which avenues of marketing are working best for me and which pages need to be improved upon if no one visits them! Google Analytics does not store any personal data about yourself.  To find out more about Google Analytics then please click here.

When you contact me or book my services, I keep the following data on you:

- Your email address, name and any other contact information (telephone number etc) if you provide it.

- Your name and address if you place an order with me and I need to post it to you

- Information on any other participants for the photoshoot (how many family members are being photographed etc and ages of children so I know which props to bring with me etc).

- Details/Running order of your photoshoot (wedding venue details, lists for family shots, location of portrait photoshoot etc).

If you send me an email and book my services then all of my emails are stored for 12 months or longer if necessary (you may book me in 2017 for a 2020 wedding for example, so therefore your emails may need to be kept longer).

Most of the information I collect from you is necessary for me to provide you with my service. I do not keep or ask for information which is not relevant to my job.  If you are purchased a gift certificate by a family member, or a shoot is booked by them on your behalf, then they may provide me with information so that I can contact you in order for you to redeem your voucher etc. 

All the data I store on my computer is password protected. All paperwork is stored in a locked filing cabinet.

My website is also embedded with a Facebook Pixel. This allows me to target any facebook marketing to people who have already expressed an interest in my services. Ever wondered why you get adverts pop up on Facebook for Holidays abroad when you were just looking at them on Google last night? It's not a coincidence - that's a Facebook Pixel at work!  It doesn't collect any personal data about you, it just helps facebook advertising to target you with adverts that you would find relevant/interesting. Aren't those techy guys at Facebook clever! To find out more about facebook pixels, please click here

Online Galleries and Purchases 

For my online galleries and purchases from the gallery, I use a system called Shootproof. When you access your gallery, I have set shootproof up to ask for your email address and password. I ask for an email address for extra security and if there is any suspicious activity on your gallery then I can ask if you know the particular email address in question. When dealing with images of children, you can never be too careful! The password and link to the gallery is made up by myself and only known by me and the person who booked the photoshoot. If you wish to share the gallery link and password to other family members or friends then you are more than welcome to, but you must forward them on to those people yourself.  Shootproof provides me with a list of the email addresses of the people  who have viewed each gallery and any images which they have favourited. This information is deleted from Shootproof once the gallery has been finished with and taken down. To view their privacy policy, please click here.

When purchasing through the Shootproof system (something which I don't do very often) you can either pay via PayPal or bank transfer. Personally I prefer bank transfer as I have issues with Paypal not releasing funds and they take a % of the amount too! But if we do use Paypal then please see their privacy policy by clicking here

Purchases, sales and orders information is kept for a minimum of time, and relevant information sent to my accountant for tax purposes.


My website is hosted by Wix. The only information my website will collect about you, is any information that you enter when you fill out the contact form on my website. This information is sent directly via email to myself. The privacy policy for Wix can be found by clicking here.

Your Photographs 

Your Photographs are stored on two external hard drives which are connected to my computer. They are both encrypted and password protected.  

I try to store client images for as long as I can, incase anyone loses their photographs and contacts me to request another copy. I would hate for someone to lose all of their wedding images two years after their wedding day as they have lost their USB stick and I no longer have a copy! For this reason, I highly recommend that all my clients back up the digital copies of their images themselves. 

I also store client images on the web using a system called Crash Plan. Crash Plan is a cloud back up system that routinely backs up everything I have on my computer and my external hard drives to the cloud. If my computer is ever stolen or damaged in a flood or fire then I shall be able to retrieve all my work from the cloud.

To view Crash Plan's privacy policy then please click here

If you would like me to permanently delete any of your images which I currently have stored then please get in contact to ask and I will be more than happy to do so. 

And Finally......

Hopefully that has answered any questions that you may of had on how I store and collect your personal data, but if you have any concerns or questions then please let me know.  I care very much about how your details are looked after and I do not misuse people's personal information in any way. 

Please contact me at should you wish to discuss this further.


 Christina Michelle Photography

Christina Michelle Photography



Christina Michelle Photography is a multi award-winning portrait and wedding photographer in Belper, who specialises in weddings and outdoor family and child portrait photography.

Situated in Belper (Derbyshire), Christina is originally from Nottingham and easily based for customers in the East Midlands.